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BoxRox – Dave Castro Reflects on CrossFit Games

By Caro Kyllmann The mastermind behind the workouts, Dave Castro, programmed the events that individual, teams and age group athletes would be completing. On a...

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BoxRox – CrossFit to Eliminate Games Title Sponsor After 2020

The CrossFit Games won’t have a main sponsor after the Reebok deal finishes, Greg Glassman announced on a podcast with Julie Foucher at the start of...

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Eagle Observer – Powerlifters receive championship rings

GENTRY -- The Gentry High School powerlifting team won its fifth national powerlifting championship at the 35th annual NASA High School Powerlifting National Championships...

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Bar Bend – Chapter 1: How Under Armour Is Helping James Newbury Prep, Train, and Recover

I was about 27 miles into the ride when I realized I “bonked” – a term that I had never heard before – but quickly...

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Morning Chalk Up – No Shirt, No Problem! JUL 5, 2019 BY ALYSSA ROYSE

So, Graham Holmberg — a guy who it’s hard to find a photo of with his shirt on — announced that his gym is...

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