Barbell Classic 2019

Our ALL LIFTING event is back for the SIXTH time. This is 5 lifts only and a great time to PR!

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Our ALL LIFTING event is back for the SIXTH time. This is 5 lifts only and a great time to PR! We will be using a combined lifting total to determine our overall BEST lifter (OLY(sinclair score)+Power(Wilks Score)) The Wilks and Sinclair methods are used to normalize lifted weights against the lifters bodyweight. The 5 lifts are Snatch, C&J, Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift (in that order). 5 mins on the floor for each OLY lift and 4 minutes on the floor for each of the Power Lifts.

This is a great event to mark your calendar with and coming out to set some personal bests. Over the past Three years of this event we have had 90%+ of our athletes setting at least 1 PR and we have people that have gone 5 for 5. We hope to see you out for our 4th year of this event.

Athletes: Each athlete will be permitted to bring one person onto the lifting floor with them while they attempt their lifts. This person will help the athlete load the bar with weights, may encourage the athlete, may aid in racking or re-racking a loaded bar, and may provide a spot if needed (any lift completed with the aid of a spotter will NOT count as a successful lift). This person who comes out on the floor with you may be another competitor in the event who is lifting in another heat, or they can be someone who is not participating in the event. This person may not interfere with anyone else who is on the lifting floor. Weight is allowed to be on the bar prior to “3,2,1, lift” (i.e. bars don’t need to be empty)

ONLY Acceptable equipment: Chalk, Lifting shoes, Compression Socks, Knee Wraps or sleeves, weight belts, elbow wraps or sleeves, wrist wraps. Lifting straps that aid in gripping the bar are NOT permitted. Squat suits, bench shirts, etc are NOT permitted.

We’re expecting this competition to sell out, so register ASAP to secure your spot.


We will have MALE and FEMALE Divisions for both MASTERS and OPEN. We will set you up as a MASTERS Lifter based on your age (anyone over 40)


Once you sign up for an event 100% of all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you sign up for an event the MAXIMUM refund granted will be 90% of registration cost (i.e. a 10% service fee will apply to ALL refunds). At 30 days prior to an event the MAXIMUM refund granted will be 50% of registration cost. At 21 days prior to the event, there will be NO refunds granted. ALL refund requests MUST be sent via E-MAIL ONLY to


We appreciate our early registrants and repeat customers. If you register for one of our events, and if we globally lower the price of the event after you have paid, we will refund the difference to you between the price you paid and the lower price.


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