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    Teams will compete in an ONLINE QUALIFIER for a chance to compete in the Climate Classic bracket. The top 8 teams from each division (RX male/male, RX female/female, Intermediate male/male and Intermediate female/female) will be formally invited to compete in the bracket. 

    -Registration for Qualifier — Opens Monday, 3/4
    -Qualifier — Monday, 4/1 through Monday, 4/8
    -Invites Sent Out for The Climate Classic – Friday 4/12 
    -Climate Classic — Saturday, 5/4

    LOCATION: Online qualifier will be by video submission and the Climate Classic will be held at Climate Crossfit.


    RX Division Standards:
    -Snatch 135/95 
    -Clean and Jerk 135/95
    -Toes to Bar
    -Double Unders
    -Bar Muscle ups/ring muscle ups
    -Chest to Bar Pull Ups 
    -Front Squats 185/135
    -Thrusters 135/95
    -Shoulder to overhead 155/105
    -Deadlifts 225/155
    -Hang Cleans 155/105 
    -Dumbbell Movements 50/35
    -Sandbag Movements 100/85

    Intermediate Division Standards: 
    -Snatch 95/65
    -Clean and Jerk 95/65
    -Toes to Bar
    -Double Unders (workout would contain less # than RX)
    -Chin Over Bar Pull Ups 
    -Front Squats 135/95
    -Thrusters 95/65
    -Shoulder to overhead 95/65
    -Deadlifts 185/135
    -Hang Cleans 115/80 
    -Dumbbell Movements 40/25
    -Sandbag Movements 100/85

    *All weights above are working weight movements. Each division be prepared for any mono structural movements like running, biking and rowing. Odd object movements may also be involved. 

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